Worshipping Villains

It seems like in this country the badder you are the more loved you become. While in any decent community, people suspected of committing atrocious crimes will often be snubbed, in Kenya it is vice-versa. Six prominent Kenyans have been accused by the International Criminal Court of crimes ranging from murder, mass eviction, rape and sexual offenses. Yet when they return from the Hague for a mention of their case, they are given a heroes welcome, with thousands lining the streets to cheer them. Granted, 3 of them have carried themselves with some level of decorum.

In 2007/8, thousands of Kikuyus were evicted from the rift valley, allegedly by the Kalenjin communities. Now messrs Ruto and Uhuru, the so called de facto leaders of these two communities have entered into a political alliance. Why is that not translating into a general goodwill that enables the Kikuyus to go back to their land? Why are some still in IDP camps, with the government trying to settle them somewhere else?


About Tafakari

reflections on issues around governance, democracy, development and politics
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