10 Questions on Kenya’s ICC Cases

As the ICC trials seemingly beckon for the so called Ocampo 6 and as we see the increased shuttle diplomacy by a section of the government led by VP Kalonzo, I have a few simple questions that I would like answered. This is simply because I am not seeing the media putting to task those involved in these issues, and if they are doing it, then they are doing a very good job at censoring them when they finally package the news.

1. What has been done so far to set up a credible local tribunal to try the Ocampo 6 and other PEV suspects at home?

2. How can a local tribunal be independent when we do not have an independent prosecutorial office?

3. How can this tribunal be shielded from interference and manipulation when some of the suspects control the purse strings of government and sit in critical security committees?

4. This country has not successfully tried any high profile politician for any crime, what chances does it have with the Ocampo 6

5. If it is true that Raila has set up Uhuru and Ruto so that he can have a clear run at the presidency, then exactly how did he do it? Why can’t Uhuru and Ruto reveal the details so that we see him for the scheming and cunning politician that he is?

6. When Uhuru says that he will go to the Hague and say the truth, why didn’t he reveal the truth much earlier?

7. Why are those who wanted a local tribunal now vouching for the Hague and vice versa? What has changed? Could it be that now we know which names were to be called up for trials at the Hague?

8. Will the government still push for a local tribunal should the ICC find that the Ocamp 6 have no case to answer?

9. Taking the Ocampo 6 to the Hague will lead to violence and more conflict. Who exactly will fight who should the Ocampo 6 be taken to the Hague?

10. What measures have the government put in place to ensure that scenario 9 does not happen?



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